If You’re Struggling, Counseling And Psychotherapy Can Help

Like many people, do you feel overwhelmed with challenging life circumstances, painful feelings, a difficult relationship or marriage, family problems, loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, loss, fears, life transitions, or hopelessness?

Have you lost touch with, or never really known, how it feels to be truly alive? Do you long for meaningful connection with others, and to enjoy inner peace?

There IS hope! – – Counseling and Psychotherapy with a skilled and caring psychotherapist might just be the answer…

Here on my About Therapy page, I offer a nice overview of what counseling and psychotherapy is, and how counseling and psychotherapy can be helpful for you if you participate as a counseling and psychotherapy client.

As you read through this About Therapy page and any other pages here on my Counseling and Psychotherapy Website, if you have questions about counseling and psychotherapy or about me as a counselor and psychotheapist, and would like to start with a CONFIDENTIAL INITIAL CONSULTATION AT NO CHARGE with no obligation, please feel free to contact me anytime! I welcome your Phone Call or Email, and would be happy to help you!