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I offer professional counseling and psychotherapy services for Individuals, Couples in marriage or an unmarried relationship, and Families, along with optional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

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Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy is a safe place to work on yourself and your life with my personalized attention.

As your psychotherapist, with my insight and support focused on SOLUTIONS AND RESULTS, we’ll explore your feelings, thoughts, and behavior, identify your issues and strengths, and work to create positive, lasting changes in your life.

Scientific research shows that in counseling and psychotherapy, while the therapist’s professional psychotherapy skills are very important, healing and growth in therapy best occur through a good psychotherapy relationship between psychotherapist and client.

This is why, in addition to my education, training, and experience in psychotherapy, I place such high value on supportive, understanding, customized care.

Over the years, through my individual counseling and psychotherapy services, I have guided many people through emotional healing, difficult life transitions, and exciting personal growth, and would like to help you, too.

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Couples Counseling And Psychotherapy
(Marriage ~ Relationship)

Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy is a safe place where you can finally duscuss, process, and work toward resolving difficult issues in your relationship or marriage, without blame or judgment, and with my expert professional guidance.

In our couples therapy sessions, both of you will have plenty of room to talk and be heard completely.

As your couples counselor and psychotherapist, I will understand, accept, and support both of you as I help you explore your couple dynamics, identify and work toward resolving issues that harm your relationship or marriage, and learn healthier styles of relating together within your relationship or marriage.

In couples counseling and psychotherapy, I will also assist you in learning to communicate effectively within your relationship or marriage, so you can ideally express yourselves and understand each other in new, more satisfying ways.

Through couples counseling and psychotherapy, we will work together as therapy clients and therapist toward deepening your emotional, spiritual, and physical connection in ways that feel comfortable and fulfilling for both of you.

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Premarital Counseling and Psychotherapy

Premarital Counseling and Psychotherapy is a safe place where we can carefully explore many aspects of a healthy, happy marriage — before you get married.

In premarital counseling and psychotherapy, we can work on many topics together as psychotherapist and clients, including:

Values, goals, roles, expectations, communication, honesty, career, finances, sexuality, fidelity, spirituality, religion, child rearing, gender differences, age differences, problem solving, stress management, extended family relationships, and what it means to be partners in a marriage instead of being single, dating, in an unmarried relationship, or engaged.

Premarital counseling and psychotherapy can be a very rewarding, beneficial, and wise choice during this important time leading up to your special day… and leading up to the rest of your lives together in marriage.

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Family Counseling and Psychotherapy

Family Counseling and Psychotherapy is a safe place where your whole family can come to my psychotherapy office, and address important family concerns with my professional help as your family counselor and psychotherapist.

Family counseling and psychotherapy can be powerful, and can often benefit all family members, regardless of age or role.

In family counseling and psychotherapy, because all family members are typically present in my psychotherapy office for each family therapy session, all family members will be helped toward learning to effectively address each other, resolve issues and conflicts, and manage the natural life cycle changes that affect and challenge every family.

Family members can also work toward learning how to support each other’s individuality and independence while nurturing and maintaining healthy, meaningful family connection.

How often would your family have benefited from the help of a well trained professional counselor and psychotherapist skilled in the art and science of family therapy?

If you are looking for family improvements, family counseling and psychotherapy can be an effective and meaningful choice that may benefit the whole family.

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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an OPTIONAL counseling and psychotherapy tool that a skilled psychotherapist can use to help you get deeply focused on and absorbed in wise understandings, healthy perspectives, and helpful life skills, all designed to empower you and to help you improve your quality of life. Hypnosis tends to be very comfortable and relaxing, and scientific research shows that Hypnosis often accelerates and advances many counseling and psychotherapy methods with which it is used.

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