What Is The Truth About Hypnosis?

Here’s The Truth: Unfortunately, due to whacky and misleading portrayals of Hypnosis in television, film, and “entertainment stage hypnosis shows,” there are many false myths and misconceptions wrongly loaded into the small 8-letter word “Hypnosis,” which many people mistakenly believe and fear.

But, when you remove these distorted portrayals and the 8-letter label “Hypnosis,” what’s left is a scientifically well researched, safe, and beneficial counseling and psychotherapy process, which would be just as effective and enjoyable regardless of what you call it.

In fact, for decades, Professional Therapeutic Hypnosis has been and continues to be an extremely powerful, deeply relaxing, and very effective method within counseling and psychotherapy, which has helped people just like you to live happier, more satisfying lives… because it works!

Here on my Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy page, I provide for you a nice general overview of what Hypnosis is, including how Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be a beneficial part of professional counseling and psychotherapy when facilitated by an experienced, skilled, and caring psychotherapist.

I hope you enjoy reading about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy here on my Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy page, and also about Counseling and Psychotherapy in general, here on my Counseling and Psychotherapy Website.

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