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" The mind, once expanded by a new idea, never regains its original form... "

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

" Hypnosis is not mystical. It is an effective way to communicate therapeutic ideas, possibilities, perspectives, and skills on a deeper level, so the person feels receptive, motivated, and empowered to use them... "

– Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

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What Is The Truth About Hypnosis?

Here’s The Truth: Unfortunately, due to whacky and misleading portrayals of Hypnosis in television, film, and “entertainment stage hypnosis shows,” there are many false myths and misconceptions wrongly loaded into the small 8-letter word “Hypnosis,” which many people mistakenly believe and fear.

But, when you remove these distorted portrayals, and the 8-letter label “Hypnosis,” what’s left is a scientifically well researched, safe, and beneficial counseling and psychotherapy process, which would be just as effective and enjoyable regardless of what you call it.

In fact, for decades, Professional Therapeutic Hypnosis has been and continues to be an extremely powerful, deeply relaxing, and very effective method within counseling and psychotherapy, which has helped people just like you to live happier, more satisfying lives… because it works!

Here on my Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy page, I provide for you a nice general overview of what Hypnosis is, including how Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be a beneficial part of professional counseling and psychotherapy when facilitated by an experienced, skilled, and caring psychotherapist.

I hope you enjoy reading about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy here on my Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy page, and also about Counseling and Psychotherapy in general, here on my Counseling and Psychotherapy Website.

If you’re curious about experiencing the benefits of counseling and psychotherapy with me as your psychotherapist, including optional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, please feel free to contact me anytime for a CONFIDENTIAL INITIAL CONSULTATION AT NO CHARGE, with no obligation. I welcome your Phone Call or Email, and would be happy to help you!

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What Exactly IS Hypnosis?

First of all, Hypnosis is OPTIONAL.

Hypnosis is just one of many healing and growth-promoting counseling and psychotherapy tools that a skilled psychotherapist can use for communicating helpful ideas to you in counseling and psychotherapy.

Ultimately, Hypnosis is about empowering you to live increasingly well through solution-oriented positive psychology.

Hypnosis is a safe and comfortable counseling and psychotherapy process which I, as a psychotherapist trained in Hypnosis, can facilitate for you.

Through Hypnosis, I can work toward helping you get deeply relaxed, focused, and absorbed in learning new life skills and improved perspectives, to access and use your inner strengths and resources, and to ideally feel better about yourself.

And, Hypnosis can potentially help you bring it all to life on deep levels inside yourself so your counseling and psychotherapy progress can potentially be faster and longer lasting than “talk therapy” alone.

In fact, scientific research shows that Hypnosis tends to speed up and enhance many psychotherapy approaches with which it is used.

What Kinds Of Issues And Problems Can Hypnosis Help Me With?

Scientific research shows that in counseling and psychotherapy, with the help of a well trained, caring, and skilled psychotherapist, Hypnosis has the potential to help you work past an extraordinary range of painful issues and problems, including those related to depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, life transitions, relationships, family problems, communication, career, self-esteem, body image, bad habits, and more!

Can Hypnosis Help Me?

If, like most people, you have an imagination, an ability to focus, and a desire and capacity to learn and improve, then you may be a good candidate for success in counseling and psychotherapy, including Hypnosis.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

If you would like to benefit from optional Hypnosis as part of your counseling and psychotherapy, then during our therapy sessions, you and I, together as psychotherapist and client, will identify your disruptive issues and patterns, your strengths and positive qualities, and your counseling and psychotherapy goals.

Based on your specific issues and goals, as your psychotherapist I will then identify skills, resources, and perspectives needed to accomplish your goals, and will custom design Hypnosis especially for you, to help you toward your desired improvements.

At that point, when you’re ready, we would begin a Hypnosis process within a counseling and psychotherapy session.

What Happens During A Hypnosis Session?

What Happens During A Hypnosis Session? During the actual Hypnosis portion of a counseling and psychotherapy session, there really isn’t anything you have to do.

In my peaceful counseling and psychotherapy office, with your permission I would suggest that you relax, get comfortable, and close your eyes.

Then, I would work to help you become deeply relaxed, comfortable, and focused, yet also aware and alert inside, as I talk to you in particular ways about interesting ideas and possibilities… different ways of thinking about and responding to life experiences, other people, and yourself.

As your psychotherapist, my hope is that as you get deeply focused on and absorbed in the ideas and possibilities that I skillfully share with you during Hypnosis, it will ideally help you feel better about yourself, and will ideally open up for you some new and improved ways of interpreting and responding to life… deeper understandings, strategies, and skills you can bring back with you from the Hypnosis experience, and which you can use far beyond Hypnosis, outside of counseling and psychotherapy and in your real life, where it matters most!

Will You Record Each Hypnosis So I Can Listen Between Sessions?

Yes! To help you even more as your psychotherapist, I will record into my digital voice recorder each Hypnosis experience I do for you as part of our counseling and psychotherapy together, and then I will email you each recording which you can download, have forever, and be able to listen to between sessions as often or as little as you would like. That’s just another part of my top quality counseling and psychotherapy service!

How Can I Get Started With Counseling And Psychotherapy, With Or Without Hypnosis?

If you want help and relief through counseling and psychotherapy, with or without Hypnosis, then you can begin by participating in a CONFIDENTIAL INITIAL CONSULTATION AT NO CHARGE, with absolutely no obligation.

During your counseling and psychotherapy consultation, you can tell me all about your situation, ask questions, and get to know me as a psychotherapist, and we can discuss how I can help you through my counseling and psychotherapy services.

When you’re ready to get started, you’re welcome to step beyond just reading my counseling and psychotherapy website, and contact me by Phone or Email so that together we can start with a simple and easy consultation aimed at creating positive, lasting changes in your life…

Start Your Path To A Happier Life!

If you’ve been struggling, and are looking for relief, contact me today for a Confidential Initial Consultation At No Charge, with absolutely no obligation. 

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