Can Psychotherapy And Counseling With A Good Psychotherapist And Counselor Really Help Counseling And Psychotherapy Clients?

Does psychotherapy and counseling actually work for psychotherapy and counseling clients? If you have never been to a professional psychotherapist or counselor, and are looking to participate in psychotherapy and counseling for the very first time, then I can certainly understand if you are wondering if a professional psychotherapist and counselor would actually be able… Read more »

How To Choose A Good Professional Psychotherapist And Counselor For Psychotherapy And Counseling Services That Can Help You

How do you go about choosing a good psychotherapist and counselor? Here are some guidelines which may be helpful. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, marriage, relationships, family, self-esteem, self-confidence, fears, phobias, stress, grieving, life transitions, work/career, or any other problems or issues, then it may be helpful for you if you participate in… Read more »

Psychotherapy And Counseling Can Help With A Wide Range Of Issues And Goals For Psychotherapy And Counseling Clients

Is psychotherapy and counseling facilitated by a skilled and caring psychotherapist able to assist psychotherapy and counseling clients with a wide range of problems, issues, and goals? As a licensed professional psychotherapist and counselor, I have been presented this question many times, and my professional psychotherapist answer is, “Yes, in most cases, absolutely!” As I… Read more »

Psychotherapy And Counseling Is Different Than Talking To Family And Friends

Is benefiting from psychotherapy and counseling with a psychotherapist and counselor different than discussing your issues and problems with family and friends? In particular ways no, and in particular ways yes. As I indicate on my psychotherapy and counseling website (, if you are suffering from issues related to anxiety, depression, family, marriage, relationships, or… Read more »

Psychotherapy And Counseling Is NOT Just For “Weak And Crazy People”

As you probably know through life experience, there are times when life can be enjoyable and easy, times when life can be middle of the road, and times when life can be painful and difficult. And, as you also know, sometimes the parts that are painful and difficult can be too painful, difficult, and confusing… Read more »

Initial Consultation At No Charge For My San Fernando Valley Psychotherapy And Counseling Practice In Encino

To assist you in deciding if you would like to participate with me in psychotherapy and counseling, and because selecting a psychotherapist is a decision that can be very meaningful and personal, I kindly and generously offer, AT NO CHARGE, an INITIAL CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION without obligation, which you and I can share over the telephone… Read more »

Welcome To The Official Blog For My San Fernando Valley Psychotherapy And Counseling Practice In Encino

Welcome to the Official Psychotherapy And Counseling Blog for my Professional San Fernando Valley Psychotherapy And Counseling practice located in Encino. I’m Brett Richards, M.A., MFT, professional psychotherapist, therapist, counselor, and hypnotherapist, with a successful San Fernando Valley counseling and psychotherapy practice in Encino. Here on my Psychotherapy And Counseling blog, I will share with… Read more »