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" The mind, once expanded by a new idea, never regains its original form... "

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sharpening Psychotherapy Skills Through Continuing Education

Psychotherapy & Counseling Blog
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By Brett Richards, M.A., MFT          
Psychotherapist & Counselor
Encino, CA

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As I mention on my psychotherapy and counseling website (, part of how I provide for you and all of my psychotherapy clients the most current, scientific research-based, and effective psychotherapy methods is by my engagement with ongoing professional psychotherapist “Continuing Education.”

Of course, this is very important, because the field of counseling and psychotherapy – – including Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy, Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy, Marriage Counseling and Psychotherapy, Family Counseling and Psychotherapy, and Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – – continually grows and evolves in line with the always expanding scientific research pertaining to psychotherapy and psychology.

Throughout the years, I have participated in many professional and scientific psychotherapy conferences, where I maintain and sharpen my existing skills in psychotherapy and counseling, and where I also learn newly developed, cutting-edge approaches to psychotherapy and counseling.

Some of the many conferences in psychotherapy and counseling that I have attended as a professional psychotherapist include the highly regarded, world renowned, and the world‘s largest psychotherapy conference called, “The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference,“ in addition to many others. This profound and significant five-day psychotherapy and counseling conference has occurred once every three to five years. I have attended every “Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference” since 2005, and will continue to do so long into the future.

I have also attended an extraordinary three-day professional psychotherapy and counseling conference devoted to Counseling and Psychotherapy for Couples and Marriage called, “The Couples Conference,“ which exclusively focused on psychotherapy and counseling to help couples who are struggling in and want to improve all types of relationships, including marriage.

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